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    Rukket Sports

    Rukket Pop-Up Chipping Net

    Become a short game guru. Sharpen your skills with the ultimate folding golf chipping net. Rukket’s pitching & chipping pop-up golf game can help improve your golf chipping game indoors and out.

    $69.95 $59.46

    Save: $10.49 (15%)

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    Rukket Sports

    Rukket Pop-Up Golf Net

    A foolproof pop-up net that lets you use real balls, the Rukket Pop-up practice net is perfect companion.

    $339.95 $288.96

    Save: $50.99 (15%)

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    Rukket Sports

    Rukket SPDR Portable Golf Net w/Tri Turf Mat

    (Now Available) The Self-contained Portable Driving Range: 10 feet wide by 7 feet tall the Rukket Sports top of the line golf net features a fully folding top of the line frame that keeps the net on when its packed away. No loose pieces that have to be assembled after initial set up. The SPDR net includes a 3 turf folding mat and side barrier netting for added protection where ever you choose to use your net. Each side net can be staked to the ground or weighed down using the pockets on each end.

    $599.95 $509.96

    Save: $89.99 (15%)

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    Rukket Sports

    Rukket Haack Golf Net w/Tri Turf Mat

    (Now Available) The Haack Golf Net was designed and endorsed by famed college golf coach Chris Haack who has taught several of the PGA Professionals currently on tour. We created what Coach Haack calls “the last golf net you will ever need”. The Haack net is the perfect combination of size, durability, affordability and easy setup. We also incorporate our signature ball return feature.

    $389.95 $331.46

    Save: $58.49 (15%)