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Mens Iron Sets Steel Shafts

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Hollow And Cavity Back Designs

The Launcher UHX Irons deliver a completely new way to approach one complete set of irons. Players who prefer the look of a traditional iron but prefer the forgiveness of a hybrid will find the perfect blend of distance and accuracy with the UHX long irons [4i-7i]. In the scoring clubs, the cavity back design allows avid golfers to maximize their scoring capabilities and improve their shots into the green [8-PW]


Progressively implemented in the Launcher UHX Irons, the V-SHaped Sole provides better speed retention and turf interaction to help maintain ball speeds at impact. The hollow series [4i-7i] features a less distinct V-Shaped sole for more forgiveness and improved ball speeds.
Meanwhile, the cavity back irons feature a more pronounced V-Shaped Sole for more bounce and better turf interaction in the scoring clubs.

High Strength, Variable Steel Face

Enhanced for more distance, the Launcher UHX Irons are designed to provide more distance and forgiveness in the clubs you need it most. With that in mind, a high strength steel face delivers higher ball speeds across the entire face of the launcher UHX Irons to maintain your power and distance on off-center impacts.


The key to distance control and sticking it close is generating spin. The launcher UHX Irons feature our proprietary Tour Zip Grooves and enhanced Laser Milling for a consistent spin when attacking the pin. Launcher UHX Irons are crafted to deliver more spin and more stopping power for everywhere on the course.

Shaft Specs

Dynamic Gold DST 98 Steel: True temper designs and manufactures the best golf shafts in the world and is trusted b more golfers than all other shaft companies combined. The Dynamic Gold DST 98 Steel is a lightweight shaft that is designed for players seeking higher launch angles from a steel shaft. The lightweight design helps players maximize clubhead speed

Nippon Pro Modus 105 Steel: The N.S. PRO Modus 3 series shafts are popular with touring pros because they offer optimal performance in three key areas.
Desired trajectory as a result of the unique structure of a stiff tip section and softer mid section.
Accurate distances due to the unique raw steel material and accompanying heat treatment.
And tight dispersion coming from the exacting tolerances of the highest quality level.

Iron Specs

Club Loft° Lie° Length
#4 20.0 61.5 38.875"
#5 23.0 62.0 38.25"
#6 26.0 62.5 37.625"
#7 30.0 63.0 37.00"
#8 34.0 63.5 36.50"
#9 39.0 64.0 36.00"
PW 44.0 64.5 35.75"
DW 49.0 65.0 35.50"




The Player


Right-Handed, Left-Handed


Dynamic Gold DST 98 Steel, Nippon Pro Modus 105 Steel


Regular, Stiff


+0.5", +1.0", +1.5", Standard

Lie Angle

1° Flat, 1° Up, 2° Up, 3° Up, Standard


Lamkin 360 Black

Grip Thickness

1 Paper, 2 Papers, 3 Papers, 4 Papers, Standard


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