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Mens Iron Sets Graphite Shafts

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    "Encourages golfers to be custom fit in-store allowing our qualified staff to help you play your best."

Powerful Design

The hollow-body construction of the 17-4 stainless steel head allows for an internal geometry design that positions weight away from the face, creating a frame for metal-wood-like flexing and high COR to greatly increase ball speed for launching the ball higher and farther.

Maraging Steel Face

One of the strongest alloys in the world, C300 maraging steel increases ball speed and distance by generating twice the face flexing. Low and extreme heel-toe perimeter weighting ensures high inertia and tightens dispersion.

Clean Appearance

With a sole width and offset similar to the G400 iron, plus a clean cavity, hydropearl plating and polished accent, the address view is confidence inspiring.

Forgiving Sole

Sole width, bounce and offset allow for better turf interaction to improve ball striking, which contributes to forgiveness and distance control without sacrificing playability and height.

Shaft Specs

Ping Alta CB counter-balance design allows for more head mass to increase energy transfer. Color-Shift Paint Technology means the vibrant copper shaft paint transitions to nearly black at address to eliminate distraction.

Iron Specs

Club Loft° Lie° Length
#4 20.0 60.5 38 7/8”
#5 23.0 61.0 38 1/4”
#6 26.0 61.5 37 5/8”
#7 29.5 62.0 37.00”
#8 34.0 62.8 36 1/2”
#9 39.0 63.5 36.00"
PW 44.0 64.1 35 1/2”
GW 49.0 64.1 35 1/2”
SW 54.0 64.4 35 1/4”

The Player


Left-Handed, Right-Handed


Ping Alta CB Iron


Seniors, Regular, Stiff


+0.5", +1.0", +1.5", Standard

Lie Angle

Black Std, Blue 1° Upright, Green 2° Upright, Red 1° Flat, White 3° Upright


Golf Pride Tour Velvet

Grip Thickness

Gold + 1/32", Orange + 1/16", White Std


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Welcome to The House of Golf custom online store, where getting it right everyday matters from driver through putter.

The industry has told you, the customer, for over a decade now to get it fitted, get it built right, but nobody has offered that service online, not anymore.

Build your driver with the correct shaft, bend the lie angle on your irons, get the grip thickness you want or even bend the loft or lie on your custom putter. Custom online lives here.

Australia is a big country and not everyone has the luxury or a golf shop on the next corner, our custom store allows all customers the ability to build a set to their own specifications. Not only that, if you need advice on getting it right we are right here to help. Whether you contact us via e-mail, phone or live chat our website managers with over 20 years experience in the industry will guide you through the process.

When buying custom we order your club or set individually every time which comes with a 10 day custom order wait, similar to our in store sales. If you need it in a hurry we always offer a standard option where items ship within 2 business days. Either way you buy we have you covered. Obviously with hundreds of shafts and heads across multiple brands sometimes items can be out of stock and have a further delay but our site managers will manage timelines with you on all orders.

Enjoy the process.


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