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Mens Fairway Woods

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Rebound Frame

Rebound Frame’s alternating pattern of stiff and flexible zones focuses more energy into the golf ball. It increases ball speed and distance on every strike, especially center-face impacts

Cannon Sole

The Cannon Sole provides optimal weighting and a faster face. It consists of a floating sole weight that allows for an extremely thin, flexible sole area just behind the face. These two features provide speed for distance, and the ideal launch conditions that skilled golfers expect from their fairway woods.

Crown Step

A stepped crown lowers mass within the club head, moving the center of gravity down and increasing overall MOI. Ultimately, you’ll hit higher, longer shots off the deck. And you’ll find it easier to keep your ball in play when teeing off into a tight fairway.

Carbon Crown

The 3W uses a strong but lightweight carbon weave in place of a metal crown. Larger than previous generations, this carbon crown repositions mass low, deep, and around the perimeter, pushing MOI up and increasing forgiveness on every shot.

Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 60:

HZRDUS Smoke Black is the next generation HZRDUS. Featuring a low-spin and low-launch profile that maintains the HZRDUS reputation, Smoke Black is designed for today’s aggressive swingers while providing new optimized material placement to promote an improved feel and increase in playability.
HZRDUS Smoke Black is perfect for players with an aggressive tempo, looking for low trajectory and spin.

Evenflow Riptide 50:

Building off the success of the original EvenFlow, EvenFlow Riptide is designed with improved stability that builds on the widely successful "even bend" profile to provide unmatched feel and maximum energy transfer. Riptide is a mid-spin/launch design and features Torsional Stability Optimization which allows for an extremely stable shaft while maintaining the signature smooth EvenFlow feel.
Evenflow Riptide is designed for players with moderate tempos, looking for a medium trajectory and spin

Mitsubishi TENSEI CK Red 60:

The TENSEI CK Red shaft modernizes MCA GOLF’s higher launching bend profile through the use of a multi-material design, including the Carbon-Kevlar weave in the butt section -- further refining the shaft’s overall bend profile and improving feel. 

The CK Weave producing added strength and stability, Low Resin Content which allows for more carbon to be used without sacrificing weight, and ultra-lightweight materials have allowed Mitsubishi to refine its versatile higher launching profile.

Mitsubishi TENSEI CK Orange 60:

The TENSEI CK Orange builds off of MCA GOLF’s classic, smooth bend profile and incorporates the same Carbon Fiber/DuPont Kevlar (CK) weave found in the butt-section of all TENSEI CK shafts – providing enhanced stability and maximum feel, in an extremely versatile design.

Unlike other shafts TENSEI CK Series family, TENSEI CK Orange has a unique counterbalanced design for player’s looking to fine-tune their golf club performance with a high balance point, mid-launch profile based on Mitsubishi's classic smooth bend profile.


Fairway Wood Specs

Club Loft° Lie° Length
#3 15.0 57.5 43.00"
#5 18.0 58.0 42.50”


The Player


Left-Handed, Right-Handed


15 degree 3 wood, 18 degree 5 wood


Mitsubishi Tensei CK Orange 60, Mitsubishi Tensei CK Red 60, Project X EvenFlow Riptide 50, Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 60


Regular, Stiff, X-Stiff


Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360

Grip Thickness

1 Paper, 2 Papers, 3 Papers, 4 Papers, Standard


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