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Mens Iron Sets Steel Shafts

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    Due to COVID-19 restrictions all custom golf club production from Victorian based golf suppliers has been suspended. Please understand custom sets now have a minimum lead time of 9 weeks from order date as of August 6th 2020.

    *Excludes Srixon, Cleveland and Ping brands.

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  • Titleist...

    "designs the highest performing equipment and offers the most precise fitting experience in the game. We encourage golfers to be custom fit in-store to help optimise performance".

Max Impact

A unique polymer core developed in partnership with Titleist golf ball R&D provides precise sound and dampening qualities. This leads to more repeatable distance from shot to shot. See how much better you can play when you hit the number more often.

High-density tungsten

Featuring more tungsten than any other T-Series iron, with an average of 90g in the mid to long irons. That’s over a third of the overall clubhead weight strategically positioned on the heel and toe for outstanding MOI.

Forged L-Face For Incredible Feel

The T200 forged face wraps around the sole to increase ball speed on the lower portion of the clubface. Paired with a progressive set design that moves the CG lower in the long irons, the result is superior ball flight.

Progressive set design

Progressive set design with progressive blade lengths, sole widths and hosel lengths delivers optimal CG positioning with preferred shaping through the set.

Tour-inspired Look

Tour-inspired look and feel with thinner topline and enhanced camber for improved turf interaction.


The T200 is everything you’ve come to expect, and more. Powered by Max Impact for better distance across the forged face. Combining premium stock shafts with a performance packed design, the T200 helps better players score lower.

Shaft Specs

True Temper AMT Black is the middle weight option in the new AMT range and delivers a mid-high trajectory and spin. Featuring Ascending Mass Technology, AMT Black gets progressively heavier as golfers move from their long irons to short irons. This allows for increased speed and launch from the lightweight long irons and superior control and precision from the midweight scoring clubs. AMT Black ascends in 3-gram increments throughout the set from 4-iron through wedge and is perfect for the player that loves the idea of AMT and wants something in between the superlight AMT Red and tour-weighted AMT Tour White.

True Temper AMT Red is the lightest weight and highest trajectory/spin option in the new AMT range. Out of the AMT range, AMT Red maximizes speed and launch most by utilizing a responsive tip design and maintaining a constant superlight weighting in 4-7 irons. Focusing more on precision and control from 8-iron through wedge, AMT Red is designed with Ascending Mass Technology—making each shaft progressively heavier by 3-gram increments as golfers move to shorter irons. This unique blend of superlight weighting in 4-7 irons and AMT weighting in the scoring clubs allows AMT Red to offer both power and precision.

Project X LZ steel features proprietary Loading Zone Technology which produces maximum shaft load during the downswing for 7% greater energy transfer to the ball at impact for more distance.

Loading Zone Technology is achieved through variable wall technology in the shaft's butt and tip sections and a reduced stiffness in the midsection. Golfers can not only feel the technology, but see it as well in the rapid, tapered steps out of the grip through the midsection of Project X LZ.

KBS Tour Steel is Kim Braly’s signature shaft and is ideal for players desiring shot versatility and mid trajectory.

Incorporating unique KBS technology, the KBS TOUR maximizes energy transfer for increased shot control. The KBS TOUR offers a smooth, responsive feel and is the preferred model by several of the best golfers in the world.

Iron Specs

Club Loft° Lie° Length
#3 19.0 60.0 39.00"
#4 22.0 61.0 38.50”
#5 25.0 62.0 38.00”
#6 28.0 62.5 37.50”
#7 31.0 63.0 37.00"
#8 35.0 63.5 36.50"
#9 39.0 64.0 36.00"
PW 43.0 64.0 35.75"
GW 48.0 64.0 35.50"




The Player


Left-Handed, Right-Handed


KBS Tour Steel, Project X LZ, True Temper AMT Black, True Temper AMT Red


Regular, Stiff, X-Stiff


+0.5", +1.0", +1.5", Standard

Lie Angle

1° Flat, 1° Up, 2° Up, 3° Up, Standard


Golf Pride Tour Velvet White

Grip Thickness

1 Paper, 2 Papers, 3 Papers, Standard


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