Callaway Epic Speed Driver
Callaway Epic Speed Driver
Callaway Epic Speed Driver
Callaway Epic Speed Driver
Callaway Epic Speed Driver
Callaway Epic Speed Driver

Callaway Epic Speed Driver


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New Jailbreak A.I. Speed Frame
Extraordinary Ball Speed - Epic ball speeds start with our new A.I.-designed Jailbreak Speed Frame. Previous Jailbreak architectures stiffened the body in the vertical direction. By applying Artificial Intelligence, this new structure is designed to enhance horizontal and torsional stability to promote an increase in ball speeds across the face.

A.I. Designed Flash Face SS21
Fast Ball Speeds Across A More Expansive Area - Our A.I.-designed Flash Face is specifically engineered to optimize the Jailbreak Speed Frame, promoting fast speeds across a more expansive area. Each face and each head geometry are uniquely enhanced in Epic Speed, and the super strength titanium promotes maximum speed, forgiveness and spin robustness.

Cyclone Aero Shape
Our Fastest Epic Driver Head - The advanced aerodynamic head construction promotes lower drag for higher head speed. The taller ribbon and flatter crown are engineered for a precise and more aerodynamic shape that can help golfers generate more speed from their swing.

Advance Composite Design
Increased Forgiveness - Our proprietary Triaxial carbon covers a larger portion of the crown and toe, leading to weight savings of over 16 grams vs. a titanium crown. Callaway engineers have redistributed that saved weight to enhance forgiveness versus previous MAVRIK designs. An additional Triaxial carbon toe patch adds draw bias while saving weight to promote a powerful shot sha

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The Player



Right-Handed, Left-Handed


9.0 degree, 10.5 degree


Mitsubishi MMT Wood 60, Project X HZRDUS Smoke iM10 50, Project X HZRDUS Smoke iM10 60


Regular, Stiff


Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align – Black

Grip Thickness


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Shaft Specs

Stock Shafts

Project X HZRDUS Smoke iM10: Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to carbon fiber, stiffness and strength are not the same. Often a stiff material is very brittle, and a strong material is not very stiff.

This makes shaft engineers develop a combination of multiple materials to try and dial in ideal strength and stiffness properties for a certain shaft, and in doing so, creates trade-offs when trying to design a lightweight, stable shaft that delivers maximum energy transfer.

This is where Hexcel’s most advanced HexTow® carbon fiber comes in: iM10. The iM10 family of shafts are the first Project X shafts to feature Hexcel’s incredibly unique iM10 carbon fiber, a very high modulus (stiff) and very high strength carbon fiber allowing for new possibilities in golf shaft design. iM10 shafts offer unmatched stability.
HZRDUS Smoke iM10 is designed for players with a moderate tempo, looking for a low-mid trajectory and spin.

Mitsubishi MMT Wood: brings the performance benefits of MMT to drivers and fairway woods. Based on the success of MMT Irons, MMT Woods are the next leap for this powerful innovation. MMT Woods feature the same Metal Mesh Technology (MMT), but strategically adapted to maximize performance within the lighter and thinner-walled structure of Driver/Hybrid shafts versus Irons.

Applied in the grip section the metal mesh provides an area of focused strength and stability to create a shaft that feels stout but produces a satisfying, clean feel – even at higher swing speeds produced by better players. The increase in density from MMT also allows for an optimum balance point with no reduction in responsiveness.
MMT Woods are perfect for higher swing speed players who wants to experience the powerful mix of strength and feel created by Metal Mesh Technology

Club Specs

Club Loft° Lie° Length Hand
Epic Speed 9.0 (8.0° – 11.0º) 58.0 45.75″ RH/LH
Epic Speed 10.5 (9.5° – 12.5º) 58.0 45.75″ RH/LH
Epic Speed 12.0 (11.0° – 14.0º) 58.0 45.75″ RH/LH

Grip Specs

Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align Black: ALIGN Technology locks in your hand placement for a consistent, square clubface throughout the swing at address and impact

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