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Juniors Packages

The Right Set For Each Junior Player

The XJ line is specifically designed to provide the best junior equipment for players from 42” in XJ1 to 57” in XJ3.

Leading Performance Technologies

XJ Sets feature our industry-leading Callaway technologies that are designed for the distance to hit it long and the forgiveness to make clean contact and hit solid shots. This includes titanium drivers for long distance and proven graphite shafts.

Ultra-light Clubs

These ultra-light weight sets are engineered so that each club is easy to swing for the best performance.

XJ1: 4-piece Set

Fairway Wood, 7-iron, Sand Wedge and Putter. Clubs that are easy to hit and get them into golf.

XJ2: 6-piece Set

Driver, Fairway Wood, 7-iron, 9-iron, Sand Wedge and Putter. Clubs to hit long, solid shots.

XJ3: 7-piece Set

Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid, 7-iron, 8-iron, Sand Wedge, Putter. for long shots, solid contact and great distance coverage.


The Player


Right-Handed, Left-Handed

Total Clubs

XJ1 4 piece set, XJ2 6 piece set, XJ3 7 piece set




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