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Cleveland CBX Zipcore Ladies Wedges Graphite Shafts
Cleveland CBX Zipcore Ladies Wedges Graphite Shafts
Cleveland CBX Zipcore Ladies Wedges Graphite Shafts
Cleveland CBX Zipcore Ladies Wedges Graphite Shafts
Cleveland CBX Zipcore Ladies Wedges Graphite Shafts
Cleveland CBX Zipcore Ladies Wedges Graphite Shafts
Cleveland CBX Zipcore Ladies Wedges Graphite Shafts

Cleveland CBX Zipcore Ladies Wedges Graphite Shafts


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More Shots on the Sweet Spot w/Zipcore
Looking to save more up-and-downs without changing a thing in your swing? ZipCore brings out the best in your Wedge game by lofting more shots from the sweet spot and keeping those pesky mishits at bay. A lightweight, vibration dampening material that’s added to the wedge’s core, ZipCore cranks up the MOI and places the Center of Gravity right where you strike the ball.


Hollow Cavity Design and GelBack Technologies
If the Wedge says CBX, it’s going to save you strokes. Wanna know how? Check this out. A hollow chamber near the heel boosts that MOI, improving forgiveness well past what other cavity backs can offer. The custom Gelback TPU Insert softens vibrations, resulting in less punishment if you stray away from that big sweet spot.

Spin it To Win it With UltiZip Grooves
These are the deepest grooves we’ve ever made. Plus, we added a couple more. By setting them closer together, UltiZip gives these new CBX ZipCore Wedges two more lines of groove per clubface. Which exponentially multiplies the spin for more serious bite.

Fit CBX Zipcore Into Your Irons
These days, most game improvement PW lofts range from 42-44 degrees, with some outliers as strong as 38 degrees. This leaves many of us with huge voids between the Pitching and Gap Wedges in our sets. But not anymore. CBX ZipCore Wedges feature lofts from 44 to 60 degrees—and at every two-degree increment between—letting you dial that bag to perfection with game-improvement Wedges to match your game-improvement Irons.

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The Player



Right-Handed, Left-Handed


48 degree, 50 degree, 52 degree, 54 degree, 56 degree, 58 degree, 60 degree


V-Grind, C-Grind, S-Grind


9 degree, 10 degree, 11 degree, 12 degree




Cleveland Action Ultralite 50




Standard, -1.0" to +1.0"

Lie Angle



Golf Pride Tour Wrap Microsuede, Winn Dri-Tac Ladies – Grey, Lamkin Womens 360

Grip Thickness

Ladies Standard, 1 to 3 Papers

Product Type


Shaft Specs

Stock Shafts

Cleveland Action Ultralite 50: Designed specifically for wedges, the Action Ultralite 50, at just 50 grams, blends seamlessly with graphite iron sets.

Club Specs

Loft° Bounce° Grind Lie° Length Hand
48° V-Grind 64.0 34.625″ RH
50° 11° V-Grind 64.0 34.625″ RH
52° 11° V-Grind 64.0 34.625″ RH/LH
54° 12° S-Grind 64.0 34.375″ RH
56° 12° S-Grind 64.0 34.375″ RH/LH
58° 10° C-Grind 64.0 34.125″ RH
60° 10° C-Grind 64.0 34.125″ RH/LH

Grind Specs

Makes full swings and square-faced shots easier by gliding over turf without digging, even if you strike slightly behind the ball.
Ideal for bunker shots or open-faced finesse shots. Its wide profile offers plenty of bounce to get you in-and-out without sacrificing speed.
The C stands for Clutch. Shaped so you can open the face to any angle and attack any green-side situation.

Grip Specs

Golf Pride Tour Wrap Microsuede: The Tour Wrap is now available with NEW MicroSuede Technology. A proprietary brushed surface delivers a soft finish for added touch and feel. The performance finishing process offers more traction in a wrap style grip.
Lamkin Ladies 360 Grey: For fans of Lamkin’s legendary Crossline series who prefer a classic design with a slightly softer feel without sacrificing control. Crossline 360 features an enhanced ‘universal’ Crossline pattern with an upgraded softer rubber compound that provides omnidirectional traction as well as great all-weather performance.
Winn Dri-Tac Ladies: This ladies’ or undersize Dri-Tac grip has a cushioned, comfortable feel and remains tacky in all weather conditions. It has a light gray color with striking blue paintlines and a stylish grey end cap.

Custom Ordering

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At The House of Golf, we believe that standard golf clubs online just isn’t good enough anymore and have worked tirelessly with your favourite brands to bring you the first website in Australia where golfers can customise your own gear from driver through to lob wedge.
Build it yourself and get it right. Every order built to your custom specifications and individually ordered every time.
At The House of Golf, we pride ourselves on our ability and desire to be part of your golfing journey. From expert custom fitting to the latest in technology, we will be by your side to help you achieve your goals or simply enjoy this beautiful game. Surprisingly, custom fitting extends well beyond golf clubs; shoes, bags, buggies, even apparel all have elements that need to be matched precisely to your needs. Dont want to wait for your club?
With all standard orders being shipped within 2 business days, why wait.