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Cobra AIR-X Ladies Irons Graphite Shafts
Cobra AIR-X Ladies Irons Graphite Shafts
Cobra AIR-X Ladies Irons Graphite Shafts
Cobra AIR-X Ladies Irons Graphite Shafts
Cobra AIR-X Ladies Irons Graphite Shafts

Cobra AIR-X Ladies Irons Graphite Shafts


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Lightweight Design
Using a lighter head, shaft (48g) and grip (41g) makes the club feel significantly lighter and easier to swing compared to a traditional iron.

Variable Thickness Face
A variable thickness face design is thinner in the hell and toe to promote more speed on off-center hits.

Low Profile Design
A low profile, cavity back design with greater lofts will help golfers launch it higher and longer, effortlessly.

Offset Design
An offset hosel helps to eliminate a golfers' slice so that they can hit straighter and more accurate shots.

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The Player





Cobra Ultralite 45 Graphite




Standard Ladies, -1.0" to +2.0"

Lie Angle



COBRA Ladies Lamkin REL

Grip Thickness

Ladies Standard, 1 to 3 Papers

Product Type

Iron Set

Shaft Specs

Stock Shaft

COBRA Ultralite 45 Graphite: offers a lightweight graphite shaft that helps golfers with low to moderate swing speeds generate more clubhead speed with less effort for maximum distance.

Club Specs

Club Loft° Lie° Length Hand
#5 25.0 62.5 37.75″ RH Only
#6 28.0 62.5 37.00″ RH Only
#7 31.5 62.5 36.50″ RH Only
#8 35.5 63.0 36.00″ RH Only
#9 40.0 63.5 35.50″ RH Only
PW 45.0 64.0 35.25″ RH Only
GW 50.0 64.0 35.00″ RH Only
SW 55.0 64.0 34.75″ RH Only

Grip Specs

Cobra Ladies Lamkin REL Grip: Engineered with the super tacky Advance Cohesive Elastomer (ACE), the exclusive ACE material joins forces with REL’s minimal surface pattern design, creating one of the most advanced grips on the market. The 3GEN dampens painful vibrations without dulling shot feedback, while the unique texture maximises surface contact with the players hands.