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Fourteen DJ-5 Wedge Steel Shafts
Fourteen DJ-5 Wedge Steel Shafts
Fourteen DJ-5 Wedge Steel Shafts
Fourteen DJ-5 Wedge Steel Shafts
Fourteen DJ-5 Wedge Steel Shafts

Fourteen DJ-5 Wedge Steel Shafts


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New universal sole that can be pulled out without sticking
The cause of the rough mistake is that the incident angle of the head is strong and the leading edge sticks to the ground. DJ-5's mission is to eliminate that mistake and develop a sole that does not impair the original ease of use of the wedge. Specifically, by having a thick "bumper" on the leading edge side, mistakes are roughly reduced, and by fusing the entire sole with the universal sole that follows from DJ4, the lie is firmly received even if it is driven, and "stabs" It's easy to swing through and swing out. "A well-balanced combination of gentleness and sensibility.

The score line face at the last minute of the rule
The highly acclaimed ultra-high precision, high-spin mirror face forging method enables stable high-spin shots even in rainy or rough shots by ensuring a cross-sectional area that is close to the rule compared to the conventional engraving groove manufacturing method.

By adopting the soft S20C (soft iron) among the head materials, we have realized a shot feeling that sticks to the player with an impact that responds to the player's sensibility. By adding a texture to the cavity, partially mirroring it, and incorporating blisk blue as the accent color of the logo, both beauty and sportiness are achieved.

Link blade design resistant to miss hits
The conventional reverse taper blade has evolved further. By expanding the back face surface like a skating rink, the area where the shot feeling is comfortable is further expanded, and in addition, the link blade design that adds volume to the entire outer circumference from the toe heel to the top blade further "heads that do not shake" Was realized.

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The Player





46 degree, 48 degree, 50 degree, 52 degree, 54 degree, 56 degree, 58 degree, 60 degree


Universal Sole


4 degree, 6 degree, 8 degree


Satin Chrome


Nippon N.S Pro TS-114w Steel, True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel


Regular, Stiff


Standard, +0.5", +1.0", +1.5"

Lie Angle

, , , ,


Golf Price MCC Plus 4, Lamkin UTx – Grey, Golf Pride Tour Velvet, Golf Pride Z-Grip Cord

Grip Thickness

Standard, 1 to 4 Papers, Midsize

Product Type


Shaft Specs

Stock Shaft Specs

Nippon N.S Pro TS-114w Steel  A wedge-specific shaft is developed jointly with Nippon Shaft Co. Ltd. with the goal of creating the optimal launch conditions for high center of gravity wedges. This shaft is optimized for both full swings and for shorter swings, with varying shaft profiles for the “full swing wedges” and the”touch wedges”.
True Temper Dynamic Gold S200: Dynamic Gold is the Gold Standard by which all other iron shafts are measured. It is the most successful shaft in the history of golf and still continues to dominate on professional tours each and every year. Dynamic Gold is a tour-weighted shaft that is designed for players seeking a low, penetrating ball flight for optimum control and accuracy.
Dynamic Gold is designed for players with a moderate tempo, looking for a low trajectory and spin

Wedge Specs

Loft Sole Bounce Lie Length Hand
46° Universal 63.00° 35.50″ RH
48° Universal 63.00° 35.50″ RH
50° Universal 63.50° 35.25″ RH
52° Universal 63.50° 35.25″ RH
54° Universal 64.00° 35.00″ RH
56° Universal 64.00° 35.00″ RH
58° Universal 64.00° 35.00″ RH
60° Universal 64.00° 35.00″ RH

Grip Specs

Golf Pride Tour Velvet: The most popular grip in golf today combines an exclusive, state-of-the-art rubber-blend compound, non-slip surface pattern for maximum playability, comfort, and confidence. The Tour Velvet® is the standard upon which many club manufacturers base their grip designs.
Lamkin UTx Cord: Specifically developed for players with higher swingspeed looking for excellent traction in a firm feeling full-cord grip, the UTx is designed to deliver longer and more consistent shots. It’s Tri-Layer Technology blends three unique materials to provide exceptional torsion control and superior vibration dampening.
Golf Pride CP2 Pro: Combining high-performance technology with a soft, tacky feel, the innovative CP2 delivers comfort and control for superior performance. CP2 features Golf Pride’s exclusive Control Core technology, an inner core stabilizer that is specifically engineered to reduce torque. A larger lower hand geometry simulating four extra layers of tape in the lower hand encourages even grip pressure. With the CP2, control fits in the palm of your hand.