Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal Wedges Steel Shafts

Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal Wedges Steel Shafts


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JPX 921 Hot Metal Wedges
The JPX 921 Hot metal irons feature a shared GW/SW/LW. that flows perfectly from either Hot Metal or Hot Metal Pro iron sets. With Quad Cut Grooves, CNC milling lines on the face, and a mild sole grind with generous bounce for matched performance.

Stability Frame
Extreme perimeter weighting with toe bias for stability from off centre strikes.

Pearl Brush Finish
The JPX 921 Hot Metal irons feature an anti-glare finish to minimize distractions over the ball.

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The Player



Right-Handed, Left-Handed


GW – 49 degree, SW – 54 degree, LW – 59 degree


Nippon NS Pro 950 GH Neo




Golf Pride MCC Plus 4

Product Type

Iron Set

Shaft Specs

Stock Shaft

Nippon N.S Pro 950 GH Neo: Inheriting the suburb handling and directional accuracy of the 960GH, neo better matches todays iron heads with the rigidity characteristics refined by patent processes from our tour winning N.S.PRO Modus 3 line.

Multi Heat Treatment technology (MHT) and Multi Shape Adjustment technology (MSA). A bold new premium logo exemplifies the shaft’s superior feeling and performance while also complementing other logos in the N.S.PRO Lineup

Club Specs

Club Loft° Lie° Length
JPX 921 GW 49.0 63.0 35.25″
JPX 921 SW 54.0 63.0 35.25″
JPX 921 LW 59.0 63.0 35.25″

Grip Specs

Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 – Grey/Grey: The MCC Plus 4 is a tour-proven, hybrid golf grip featuring a larger lower hand and new softer rubber material. The MCC Plus 4 simulates additional wraps of tape to the lower hand to encourage lighter grip pressure, reduce tension, and increase power.

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