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The Odyssey Arm Lock Double Wide is a squared face-balanced blade design that features our White Hot Microhinge insert, adjustable sole weights, and elongated Arm Lock shaft.



Tour ProvenARM LOCK

  • Since the anchoring ban a couple years ago, golfers have been scrambling to find alternative methods to improve their putting. Arm Lock is the hottest Alternative Putting option on Tour, and it's an innovative, conforming design that still retains the benefits of an anchored putter.
  • The elongated shaft and 7 degrees of loft allow the shaft to rest against the inside of the golfer's left arm without anchoring to the golfer’s body.
  • The line includes 2 models: V-Line, and #1W with our White Hot Microhinge insert and a 21" Winn Mid Grip. If you want more confidence from a long putter, you need to roll an Arm Lock.

White Hot Microhinge

  • Legendary White Hot feel returns, now packed with Microhinge technology. Our new White Hot insert is highly engineered for improved sound and feel. Microhinge roll technology promotes immediate forward roll to improve speed and control.

Adjustable Weighting

  • The sole of our Arm Lock putters feature adjustable weight screws to enhance stability for a more consistent stroke. The Arm Lock models include two 15 gram weight screws.

Elongated Shaft

  • The Arm Lock putters feature lengthened shafts to retain the performance benefits of an anchored stroke. The Arm Lock putters are available in 40”.

The Player




Double Wide, V-Line




Odyssey Arm Lock Winn Mid Grip 21"


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