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Pistol and Oversized Odyssey Grips

Stroke Lab putters come with a new Odyssey grip in two different shapes. The Pistol grip  offers more feel and a slightly smaller size, while the Oversized grip promotes increased control with its larger size.

Multi-material Stroke Lab Shaft for Innovative Weight Distribution

The tip-heavy graphite and steel shaft saves 40 grams* that’s relocated into each end of the putter to change performance dynamics.

The Stroke Lab shaft is slightly stiffer and lower torque for increased control  compared to standard putter shafts for to better control the slightly heavier head.

Sole Weights and Grip Weight for a Smooth and Accurate Stroke

Additional weight in the sole and butt-end of the grip change the putter’s dynamics to help golfers consistently repeat a smoother and more accurate stroke.

White Hot Microhinge Face Insert for a Great Feel and Smooth Roll

Combines legendary White Hot feel with dozens of microhinges embedded across the face that promote topspin for smooth roll and acute distance control.

A Stroke of Genius

Stroke Lab is about challenging common, well-established putter norms with innovative ideas that promote better performance. The new Stroke Lab line of putters incorporates a unique new method of weight distribution designed to improve the physical dynamics of the stroke.

Most golfers’ putting strokes are inconsistent. Yet most putting technologies focus on improving alignment or improving the quality of roll. They attempt to mask a given stroke’s weaknesses instead of improving those weaknesses. Odyssey’s new Stroke Lab putter line helps improve the stroke through a profound change in weight distribution made possible by an innovative new shaft*. This is a completely new approach to putter weighting, and only Odyssey has it.

The Stroke Lab shaft is a full 40 grams lighter**, made possible by an innovative new multi-material shaft design that combines a graphite body with a steel tip to net out at just 75g, with most of the mass concentrated in the tip. We’ve redistributed that saved weight by adding 10g to the head in the form of two sole weights, and adding 30g to the grip-end via a 10g-lighter grip and 40g end-weight.

The effect of Stroke Lab’s innovative weight distribution on the stroke is dramatic. Odyssey studies indicate improvements in the consistency of backswing time, face-angle at impact, ball speed, and ball direction*. Feel for the putterhead becomes more acute, helping the golfer repeat the same, smooth stroke time after time.

Stroke Lab putters are targeted at any golfer who wants to putt better (that’s everyone). The Stroke Lab lineup consists of 10 great shapes -- six mallets and four blades – all with our newest White Hot Microhinge insert for smooth roll and great feel, in a choice of pistol grip or oversize grip.




Seven S


Double Wide

Double Wide Flow


V-Line S

V-Line Center


Marxman S

2-Ball Fang

2-Ball Fang S


R-Ball S


Tuttle Flow



Odyssey Stroke Lab Pistol

Odyssey Stroke Lab Oversized

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The Player


Right-Handed, Left-Handed


Double Wide Flow, Nine, One, R-Ball, R-Ball S, Three, Tuttle, Tuttle Flow, V-Line C, V-Line S, Double Wide, 2 Ball Fang, 2 Ball Fang S, Marxman, Marxman S, V-Line, Seven, Seven S


34", 35"


Odyssey – Stroke Lab Oversize, Odyssey – Stroke Lab Pistol


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