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Ladies Iron Sets

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Ping Golf...
"Encourages golfers to be custom fit in-store allowing our qualified staff to help you play your best."

Optimised to deliver performance

The G Le irons are constructed with 17-4 stainless steel and have been optimised to deliver performance from lower swing speeds, using COR-Eye Technology to create a face which is 11% thinner to produce higher launch and more distance.

COR-Eye Technology acts like a springboard and increases flexing in the face. The simultaneous gains in ball speed and shot height help the ball carry farther.

A thin CarTech 455 face helps increase ball speed and distance. Forgiveness was elevated to improve accuracy, and the lighter swingweight makes it easier to square the face.

Forgiveness is maximised by perimeter weighting which provides 19% tighter dispersion compared to the previous Rhapsody iron, and lighter swingweights make it easier to square the club face for improved accuracy.

Shaft Specs

Ping ULTi Shaft Available in 2 options the Lite and Ultra Lite Ping offers ladies the option to pick a weight that suits your swing speed better. For the slower swinger looking for more help and launch from your shaft go for the Ultra Lite option.

Iron Specs

#524.059.137 3/4”
#627.060.137 1/8”
#730.561.036 1/2”
#835.061.836 00”
#940.062.535 1/2”
PW45.063.135 00”
GW52.063.135 00”
SW58.063.634 1/2”

The Player


Right-Handed, Left-Handed


Ping ULT 230i


Ping Lite Ladies, Ping Ultra Lite Ladies


Standard, +0.5", +1.0", +1.5"

Lie Angle

Black Std, Blue 1° Upright, Red 1° Flat


Golf Pride Navy 5L

Grip Thickness

Aqua – 1/64", Red – 1/32", White Std


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