Srixon Z-Forged Irons Steel Shafts (4-PW)

Srixon Z-Forged Irons Steel Shafts (4-PW)


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Muscle Back Blade
A classic blade shape optimized for maximum workability and unmatched feel at impact.

Updated Tour V.T Sole
A newly redesigned Tour V.T. Sole provides even more consistent ball striking while maintaining enough versatility to execute any shot.

Forged Construction
A body forged from a single billet of soft 1020 carbon steel offers less vibration and a better feel through impact.

Laser Milling
Laser Milling produces consistent spin from the fairway or the rough, giving you total control on all shots and more stopping power into greens.

Design That Moves You
The Z-FORGED looks agile at address—nimble, even. At the back, two sharp lines, one from the toe, and one from the heel, form its signature double curve design, inspired by the crash of smooth yet unrelenting waves. This iron begs to be played and its design compels you to strike it pure.

Thoughtful sole designed is crucial for the clean, pure impact feel you demand. Our unique V-Shaped Sole promotes that smooth, fast feel through the grass, yet sacrifices zero workability when it’s time to shape your shot.

It’s a ball-striker’s paradise: a slender topline, petite dimensions, and slim sole form the alluring proportions of a seductive blade shape. This achievement starts with a digital design that’s brought to life by state-of-the-art prototype printing. Our master artisans then take those printed forms and meticulously shape them by hand until satisfied with their final iteration. Three-dimensional measurement techniques then reverse-engineer that human touch, providing the master file from which we craft every Z-FORGED.

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The Player





Nippon N.S Pro Modus 3 120 Steel




Golf Pride Tour Velvet

Product Type

Iron Set

Club Specs

Club Loft° Lie° Length
#3 20.0 60.0 39.00″
#4 23.0 60.5 38.50″
#5 26.0 61.0 38.00″
#6 29.0 61.5 37.50″
#7 33.0 62.0 37.00″
#8 37.0 62.5 36.50″
#9 41.0 63.0 36.00″
PW 46.0 63.5 35.50″

Shaft Specs

Nippon Modus 120 Steel shafts are popular with touring pros because they offer optimal performance in three key areas. Desired trajectory due to the unique structure of stiff tip section and softer mid section. Accurate distance due to unique raw steel and heat treatment. Tight dispersion coming from exacting tolerances.

Grip Specs

Golf Pride Tour Velvet

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