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TaylorMade P790 21 Irons Steel Shafts (4-PW)
TaylorMade P790 21 Irons Steel Shafts (4-PW)
TaylorMade P790 21 Irons Graphite Shafts (4-PW)
TaylorMade P790 21 Irons Graphite Shafts (4-PW)
TaylorMade P790 21 Irons Steel Shafts (4-PW)
TaylorMade P790 21 Irons Steel Shafts (4-PW)

TaylorMade P790 21 Irons Graphite Shafts (4-PW)


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SpeedFoam™ Air
Newly engineered SpeedFoam™ Air is 69% lighter than its predecessor. It provides an average of 3.5g of weight savings that has been redistributed to further optimize mass properties for better launch conditions. The new formulation gives you exquisite sound and feel while producing a fast, flexible face.

Thin-Wall Construction and Forged L-Face
A new 8620 carbon steel construction makes the head thinner by up to 37.5% in strategic locations, allowing for a significantly lower CG placement. This new thin-walled design pairs with a responsive 1.5mm forged 4140 steel L-Face to promote supreme flexibility, fast ball speeds and distance while upholding a premium forged feel.

Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™
The Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™ provides increased face flexibility while preserving ball speed and distance on low face strikes. Using data analytics, we have repositioned the sweet spot lower on the face to naturally capture more shots and provide performance where golfers need it most.

Tungsten Mass for Low CG
Engineers developed new construction methods to thin out the body, allowing for up to 31g of tungsten to be placed in the toe. It creates a massive amount of stability and forgiveness wrapped in a player’s package.

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Right-Handed, Left-Handed


Mitsubishi MMT Iron Graphite, UST Mamiya Recoil 760 ES SmacWrap Graphite, UST Mamiya Recoil 780 ES SmacWrap Graphite


Seniors, Regular, Stiff


Standard, -1.0" to +2.0"

Lie Angle



Golf Pride Z Grip – Grey/Black

Grip Thickness

Standard, 1 to 4 Papers, Midsize

Product Type

Iron Set

Shaft Specs

Stock Shafts

Mitsubishi MMT Iron Graphite: Designed to maximize the benefits of both composite and steel performance, our patent pending Metal Mesh Technology represents the very best of the Mitsubishi end-to-end manufacturing approach.
As layers of prepreg are stacked to build the shaft’s core, a small section of unique Metal Mesh is integrated towards the tip. This Metal Mesh – made up of individually braided strands of 304 Stainless Steel – improves the density and stability of the shaft, while also allowing for thinner overall composite wall construction.
Together this yields a finely tuned, highly responsive shaft that still provides the consistent launch and spin control needed for effective iron play.
UST Mamiya Recoil 760/780 ES SmacWrap: Recoil ES SmacWrap iron shafts are an evolution of the Recoil ES models. These iron shafts are designed to provide maximum control and distance for all golfers through the latest in design and materials.
Recoil Technology provides optimal spring effect in the walls of the shaft and more efficient energy transfer to the ball for increased velocity and greater distance.
ES or Enhances stability is achieved by a stiffer mid and butt section for better shot control. The softer tip improves feel and trajectory, while the lower torque improves shot dispersion.
SMACWRAP is a viscoelastic material that is able to bring a high amount of damping (vibration absorption) in composite structures when it is located strategically within a composite structure’s core. SMACWRAP optimizes noise and vibration damping at the source in a smart way without any need of add-on damping products.

Club Specs

Club Loft° Lie° Length Offset
#3 19.0 60.5 39.00″ 3.5 mm
#4 21.0 61.0 38.50” 3.4 mm
#5 23.5 61.5 38.00” 3.1 mm
#6 26.5 62.0 37.50” 2.9 mm
#7 30.5 62.5 37.00″ 2.7 mm
#8 35.0 63.0 36.50″ 2.4 mm
#9 40.0 63.5 36.00″ 2.1 mm
PW 45.0 64.0 35.75″ 1.8 mm
AW 50.0 64.0 35.50″ 1.6 mm


Grip Specs

Golf Pride Z-Grip: The Z-Grip from Golf Pride is designed with a uniquely textured surface pattern. The unique supple rubber construction with a z-pattern, provides exceptional traction for added playability. The Z-Grip is designed for players of all skill levels and has the durability you expect from Golf Pride.
Golf Pride CP2: Combining high-performance technology with a soft, tacky feel, the innovative CP2 delivers comfort and control for superior performance. CP2 features Golf Pride’s exclusive Control Core technology, an inner core stabilizer that is specifically engineered to reduce torque. A larger lower hand geometry simulating four extra layers of tape in the lower hand encourages even grip pressure. With the CP2, control fits in the palm of your hand.
Golf Pride Multi Compound: The MultiCompound is an innovative hybrid grip that fuses the positive performance of rubber and cord. The MCC boasts the Golf Pride exclusive Brushed Cotton Cord in the upper hand area for firm all-weather control, and a performance rubber material in the lower hand for ultimate feel and responsiveness.
Golf Pride MCC Plus 4: The MCC Plus 4 is a tour-proven, hybrid golf grip featuring a larger lower hand and new softer rubber material. The MCC Plus 4 simulates 4 additional wraps of tape on the lower hand to encourage lighter grip pressure, reduced tension, and increased power.