TaylorMade P7TW Irons Steel Shafts (3-PW)
TaylorMade P7TW Irons Steel Shafts (3-PW)
TaylorMade P7TW Irons Steel Shafts (3-PW)
TaylorMade P7TW Irons Steel Shafts (3-PW)
TaylorMade P7TW Irons Steel Shafts (3-PW)
TaylorMade P7TW Irons Steel Shafts (3-PW)
TaylorMade P7TW Irons Steel Shafts (3-PW)

TaylorMade P7TW Irons Steel Shafts (3-PW)

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Constructed from premium materials, every detail of the P•7TW box has been carefully considered to unveil these irons in a way that pays tribute to the heartfelt collaboration of Tiger Woods and TaylorMade Golf.

Tiger's Fingerprint
Each iron has been meticulously shaped to meet Tiger's discerning eye—longer blade length, thinner topline, progressive face height, and more.

Milled Grind Sole Debut in Irons
Milled Grind eliminates variances in sole geometry from head to head and ensures precision in every iron set, while the CNC machined sole geometry and a precise leading edge promote consistent turf interaction.

Tungsten Weighting
Precise tungsten weight placement engineered to improve trajectory control and promote a deeper feel at impact.

Meeting Tiger's Expectations
TaylorMade’s R&D and Product Creation teams studied decades worth of club specifications and worked directly with Tiger to refine every sole, every contour, and every groove.

Tiger's Deeper Feel with Tungsten
"I’ve always liked a harder deeper feel to it. Tungsten gave me that type of feel—that type of reaction—that I have been looking for."
-Tiger Woods, on the tungsten weight in P•7TW

Replicating Precise Performance
"Knowing the fact that I'm getting same exact head that I just wore out is huge."
–Tiger, on the milled sole of P•7TW.

Tiger Woods, on Crafting the P•7TW Irons
When you look down at these irons, you are looking at the result of every range session, event, victory, and major championship from my 22+ years of professional golf.

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The Player





True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue


Stiff (S400)


Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord

Product Type

Iron Set

Club Specs

Club Stock Loft° Tigers Loft° Lie° Length
#3 21.0 22.5 59.5 39.00″
#4 24.0 25.5 60.0 38.50″
#5 27.0 29.0 60.5 38.00″
#6 31.0 32.5 61.0 37.50″
#7 35.0 36.0 61.5 37.00″
#8 39.0 40.5 62.5 36.50″
#9 43.0 45.0 63.0 36.00″
PW 47.0 49.0 63.5 35.75″

Shaft Specs

Dynamic Gold Tour Issue: Dynamic Gold Tour Issue shafts provide the same power, control and the trademark penetrating ball flight associated with the entire series of Dynamic Gold irons shafts. The Tour Issue steel shafts have a Tour Only weight tolerance for custom precision fitting.

Grip Specs

Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord: The most widely used cord grip on Tour, the Tour Velvet Cord, comes standard with Brushed Cotton Cord Technology, a tight-weave cotton twill fiber that creates a comfortable cord grip. The Tour Velvet Cord features all of the great traction and all-weather performance that made the Tour Velvet the winningest cord grip on Tour.