TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver
TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver
TaylorMade SIM2 Max D Driver
TaylorMade SIM2 Max D Driver
TaylorMade SIM2 Max D Driver
TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver

TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver


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More Power, More Often
Forged Ring Construction is the key to unlocking consistently long distance and optimal forgiveness with SIM2 Max. Crafted from a lightweight and high strength aluminum that’s precision milled, it unites the critical components of the driver head into a singular force. Forming a driver built for forgiveness and power, designed to give you the confidence to take on any tee shot.

Higher Launch, Higher MOI
We’ve journeyed beyond tradition to bring you power, speed and forgiveness in a single driver. The reconstructed SIM2 Max delivers high MOI with a heavy 24g tungsten weight positioned on the Inertia Generator. The TPS Front Weight is strategically located on the sole of the club to encourage optimal launch and spin properties, delivering complete performance and max forgiveness.

Shaped for Aero
Building on the breakthrough performance of Shape In Motion, SIM2 Max•D features an all-new Inertia Generator formed by its 9-layer carbon sole. The lightweight panel is strategically angled to improve aerodynamics at the most critical phase of the swing for faster clubhead speeds. We moved additional weight to the rear of the club to encourage higher MOI and optimal launch properties.

The Face of Speed & Forgiveness
The milled back face cup is crafted from high strength titanium to encourage fast ball speeds. Internal milling varies face thickness and pinpoints performance where golfers need it the most, making way for an intelligently optimized sweet spot that covers the most common impact areas. A new toe side Speed Injection Port lets us more efficiently calibrate each individual head to the threshold of the maximum legal limit of ball speed while Twist Face® continues to help all golfers find more fairways.

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The Player



Right-Handed, Left-Handed


9.0 degree, 10.5 degree, 12.0 degree


Fujikura Ventus Blue 5, Mitsubishi KuroKage Silver 60


Regular, Stiff


Golf Pride Z-Grip Black/Grey

Grip Thickness


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Shaft Specs

Fujikura Ventus Blue: The exceptionally engineered Ventus is designed to significantly tighten shot dispersion and maximize ball speed especially on off-center shots.

Fujikura Ventus Blue profile features an ultra-stiff tip, stiff midsection, and a firm handle, which produces a mid-launch.

Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Silver 60: The 5th Generation KURO KAGE™ Silver Series features a firm tip bend profile, that is a blend of both feel and control. This versatile series will fit a wide range of players looking for balance in their woods.
This series of shafts feature two key technologies: Low Resin Content (L.R.C.) Prepreg and Titanium Nickel (TiNi) Wire. L.R.C prepreg, with up to 15% more carbon fiber and 13% less res allowing Mitsubishi to create a higher density of carbon fibers without adding additional weight. This results in added strength with enhanced feel. Titanium Nickel (TiNi) Wire is a premium elastic wire that immediately springs back to its original shape when stretched. By placing a double layer of TiNi Wire in the tip section of the shaft, Mitsubishi can further increase the strength and stability at impact and deliver higher shot dispersion.
Mitsubishi’s Kuro Kage Silver is designed for players looking for Mid Launch & Mid Spin

Club Specs

Club Loft° Lie° Length Hand
SIM2 Max 9.0 56.0 – 60.0 45.75″ RH/LH
SIM2 Max 10.5 56.0 – 60.0 45.75″ RH/LH
SIM2 Max 12.0 56.0 – 60.0 45.75″ RH

Grip Specs

Golf Pride Z-Grip – Black/Grey: The Z-Grip from Golf Pride is designed with a uniquely textured surface pattern. The unique supple rubber construction with a z-pattern, provides exceptional traction for added playability. The Z-Grip is designed for players of all skill levels and has the durability you expect from Golf Pride.

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