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Forged Maraging Steel Cup Face

The new forged maraging steel cup face greatly increases ball speed and distance performance thanks to a larger, hotter sweet spot.

Unprecedented Lightweight Construction

The new XXIO Prime SP-1000 Shaft, with TORAYCA T1100G carbon fiber and NANOALLOY resin, is extremely lightweight to help produce more ball speed and distance due to its smooth, easy-to-swing profile.

Groundbreaking Forgiveness

Featuring a crown step that moves weight low and deep, along with an expanded toe and narrowed heel, new Prime Hybrids are our most forgiving clubs yet.

Distance Without The Slice

Powerful Cup Faces in every Prime club, forged from exotic titanium and maraging steel, ensure extraordinary distance performance, even with your moderate swing speed.

XXIO Prime SP-1000 extremely lightweight, and engineered to reduce the forces on your body during your swing so you increase your consistency and hit the center of the face more often.


The Player




23 degree 5 hybrid, 26 degree 6 hybrid, 29 degree 7 hybrid


XXIO Prime SP-1000


Stiff / Regular, Regular


XXIO Prime Grip

Grip Thickness



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