XXIO X Hybrids
XXIO X Hybrids
XXIO X Hybrids
XXIO X Hybrids
XXIO X Hybrids
XXIO X Hybrids

XXIO X Hybrids


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Cannon Sole
A uniquely shaped weight pad that provides ideal launch characteristics for moderate swing speeds. 4mm of additional cup face along the sole, and an extra 7mm of extremely thin sole area, means more speed and distance especially for shots hit low on the face.

Cup Face
A powerful, yet normalised face that is fast on centre strikes and mis-hits alike, ensuring incredible distance and straighter shots off every tee.

Weight Plus
A weighting system that uses up to 13g of brass and rubber placed in the butt end of the shaft, assisting your takeaway and reducing the effort required to swing each club.

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18 degree 3 hybrid, 20 degree 4 hybrid, 23 degree 5 hybrid, 26 degree 6 hybrid


Miyazaki AX-1


Regular, Stiff


XXIO X Rubber

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Club Specs

Club Loft° Lie° Length
#3 18.0 59.50 40.50″
#4 20.0 60.00 40.00″
#5 23.0 60.50 39.50″
#6 26.0 61.00 39.00″

Shaft Specs

Miyazaki AX-1 Graphite: Is designed to deliver maximum clubhead speed with superior control. Combining “Weight Plus Technology” and “Dual Speed Technology” the Miyazaki AX-1 Graphite delivers maximum distance. Dunlop’s original “Dual Speed Technology” technique is used to raise head speed and ball speed. These two speeds increase flying distance. “Weight Plus” technology helps players achieve ideal top-loading position for a more powerful and stable impact.

Grip Specs

XXIO X Rubber Grip