Clicgear Cooler Bag

Clicgear Cooler Bag


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The Clicgear® Cooler Bag allows for easy cold drink and snack storage on the course with your Clicgear Cart.


  • Holds up to six cans in the lower insulated pocket with plenty of room in the upper pocket for other items
  • Made from insulated and waterproof materials to ensure it stays cool
  • Fits only Clicgear® Model 1.0, Model 2.0, Model 3.0 Carts and Model 3.5 Plus Carts

1. Cannot be used in conjunction with the Clicgear Hydrapak because they mount in the same position on the cart.
2. Cannot be used on other Clicgear® or Rovic® Brand Carts due to the mounting clip.

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