Golf-Grip Training Aid

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Designed with multiple PGA Golfers, the award-winning golf-grip gives you the perfect grip, on any club in your bag. Eliminates hooking, slicing & regripping while helping to promote muscle memory, alignment, accuracy & control.


  • Ergonomic Design
    golf-grip has been ergonomically molded to fit both hands perfectly. The countours guide fingers and thumbs to the correct position. The open areas allow maximum contact with your own club, therefore and making it easier for you to establish the correct grip on your club when the golf-grip is not present.
  • Torsion Fins
    To prevent slippage due to the torque forces during the up or down swing, the golf-grip has molded torsion fins that provide a superior grip on your club grip.
  • Flexible
    While being a tight fit, to help prevent any slip, the golf-grip is extremely flexible and has ‘memory’. This means the golf-grip can be aggressively flexed open, but will return to its original form after a few second – providing an easy installation and a perfect fit.
  • From Beginners to Professionals
    If you are just getting started, golf-grip is a great tool to help to learn the correct grip. Repetition and continues practice will help train your muscle memory. But even with a good understanding of grip mechanics, your grip will unconciously evolve over time and should be consistently rectified. If you maintain your game to a high level, the golf-grip is the perfect tool to recheck your grip.
  • Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR)
    The thick skin of the golf-grip is made from TPR – a material which maintains both the characteristic of rubber and plastic & is soft to the touch, and comfortable to grip.
  • Nylon
    The frame of the golf-grip is made from Nylon which allows it to hold its shape and provide grip to any club you attach to.
  • Grip
    Open area at the backside of the golf-grip has been specifically designed to allow for maxiumum contact with yor own club, and to allow for all types of grip style: overlocking, interlocking, baseball.

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