Custom Order

Custom Order

At The House of Golf, we believe that standard golf clubs online just isn’t good enough anymore and have worked tirelessly with your favourite brands to bring you the first website in Australia where golfers can customise your own gear from driver through to lob wedge.

Build it yourself and get it right.

So how does it work?

Go to your favourite club that has the 'custom build' icon and select the specifications that are just right for you. Every order built to your custom specifications and individually ordered every time.

Just some of the custom options

We have worked with manufacturers to not only provide multiple stock steel and graphite shafts, but to also offer top exotic options on all your favourite club brands.

We have provided the ability for you to build your own combination set of different irons. Our team has chosen a selection of models per brand that will make a fantastic split set.

Grips should be proportionate to your hand size to allow for hand movement in your swing. You can select your own grip and even add papers for the ultimate fit.

A little explanation of the specifications

Lie Angle is the measurement of the angle between the sole of the club and the center line of the shaft. Lie angle impacts how the sole of the club is positioned to the ground at setup and impact.

Establishing the most effective lie angle is a very important part in building an iron, as it influences shot direction. Lie angles can be customized to fit players of varying sizes, swing tendencies and ball-flight preferences.

Club Length is a measurement in inches, and denotes the total length of a club from the sole or ground plane to the end of the grip.

Club lengths can be customized to fit players of varying sizes, swing tendencies and ball-flight preferences. We have built out store to provide as wide a range of club lengths that the manufacturers will allow.
Any length adjustments are made to an uncut shaft, which is then installed into the clubhead. Shaft tipping can be requested, however not all manufacturers offer this service.

Shaft Flex denoted by a flex rating, is the shafts' ability to bend or flex during a swing. Shaft flex will play a key role in the performance characteristic of the shaft. A player with a faster swing speed, or a more aggressive action will require a shaft with less flex, while a player with a slower swing will need a shaft with greater flex.

Matching a shaft to a players swing characteristics is a critical factor in building a club that not only performs optimally, but provides comfort to the player.

Helpful Tools

Figuring out the length and the lie angle of a club can be quite confusing and difficult.

While it will not supplement a proper custom fitting, PING has created a helpful tool to fit yourself for club length and lie at home.

If you do not have access to a club-fitter, PING's colour code chart is a useful way to establish the initial lie angle and club length.

Simply, plot your height and wrist-to-floor measurement and use the intersection point to determine the static shaft length and colour code recommendation.

PING Lie Angle Colour Codes: 10 colour codes ranging from 4° flat to 5° upright as denoted by a coloured dot on the clubhead. Each dot represents a 1-degree increment in lie angle.

PING Wrist-to-Floor Measurement: the distance from the ground to the wrist crease of your glove hand. Having the correct posture is critical in an accurate measurement, so standing upright, feet shoulder-width apart, looking straight ahead helps to get an accurate result.

If you have any confusions or queries, feel free to contact one of our expert staff members on 03 9614 8806.

Club Specs

Knowing the specifications of clubs can be difficult at the best of times.

WIth club lofts and lengths changing year after year, it can be hard to keep up with the changes.

All clubs on our website will have some of the key specifications outlined on their respective product page.

From here you can see what clubs are available for that particular model of club; the loft, lie and length numbers.

As all adjustments for length and lie are done from standard, this chart will tell you what the standard numbers are.

Shaft Flex

Ever been confused about shaft flexes? Many of the major shaft manufacturers have varying ratings for flex. While finding an equivalent shaft rating from one brand to another may be difficult, we have outlined the differences below.

Flex Ladies Lite Ladies Senior Regular Stiff X-Stiff TX-Stiff
Generic LL L A R S X TX
True Temper -- -- -- R300 S200/S300/S400 X100 --
Project X Graphite -- 4.0 5.0 5.5 6.0 6.5 6.5TX
Project X Steel -- -- -- 5.5 6.0 6.5 7.0
UST Mamiya F0 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 --

If you need some assistance selecting a shaft flex, PING has two shaft visualization charts that can help to narrow down which flex category is best suited for you.

Need a little help?

Our highly trained staff can work with you over the phone to help you select the perfect custom club combination. Contact us on 03 9614 8806.

Custom Fittings

The home of custom fittings, all of our locations are more than happy to help fit the right clubs to your game. Learn more about custom fitting
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